How to Gift a Bespoke Love Story (with a handy infographic)

Did you know you can order a bespoke love story to gift it to your significant other or even as a wedding gift for a friend?

Here is a walkthrough of the process of ordering a bespoke love story, from booking your Live Consultation to receiving your bespoke story.

From start to finish, this is how to gift a bespoke love story:

1. Book a live session with the Weaver of Stories

Book a Live Session with the Weaver of Stories to secure your story. Simply click on the book now button and pick the most convenient time slot.

2. Fill in the Weaver’s Questionnaire

Take 10 minutes to fill in the Weaver’s questionnaire. You will clarify your vision for your story be ready for your live session with the Weaver.

3. Consult with the Weaver during your live session

Have a friendly chat with the Weaver of Stories and describe your vision and expectations. This is where you decide if you want to complete your order.

4. Agree to an outline for your story

Decide on one of the outlines the Weaver will present to you during the Live Session and get your invoice for your bespoke story.

5. Read the first draft

You will be presented with a first draft ahead of time so you can ask for revisions and have your final story delivered by the agreed deadline.

6. Ask for revisions

Ask for small changes to make your bespoke story perfectly suited to your significant other. Please do this within the agreed time-frame so that all deadlines can be observed.

7. Receive your bespoke story

Receive your bespoke story, complete with cover and any extras you ordered, like a quote signed by the Weaver or a handwritten manuscript.

8. Present your one-of-a-kind gift to your SO

Surprise your significant other with this meaningful and one-of-a-kind gift that celebrates your love.

And that’s how you too can gift a bespoke love story!

Book a free live session to order yours now:

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