Client Focus: Marina’s Coaching and Photography Experience

Today we are proud to share an experience from the point of view of one of our lovely clients, Marina. She took part in the Visual Storytelling Experience, the Weaver’s hybrid art form combining narrative coaching and photography.

Before the Hybrid Coaching and Photography Experience

WoS: Which service did you choose and why?

Marina: I took the Weaver of Stories’ creative photography experience. I wanted to treat myself for having reached an important milestone in my PhD journey. The experience far exceeded my expectations. I chose my special place, put on makeup and a nice dress. Still, on my way to meet Daria, I was nervous.

Client Focus: Marina's Visual Storytelling Experience

WoS: What were your expectations before you met with Daria?

Marina: Photos were very much outside my comfort zone. I’ve always been comfortable with occasional group photos, but I was stressed about having all the attention on me and not knowing what to do with my hands 😀 I was very enthusiastic about the talking-coaching part of the experience. My expectation was that I would enjoy this part and have one or two pictures to remember the day.

During the Visual Storytelling Experience

WoS: And how was the experience?

Marina: I met Daria, started walking and having a friendly, simple talk about how the day was so far, about the place that I chose. I felt she was there for me. I didn’t feel clocked or pressured to say or do things in a limited amount of time. Right from the beginning I told her about my problem with being taken pictures. She handled it excellently. She gave me some posing tips but not posing directions. I highly appreciated this – when being bridesmaid, I always felt inappropriate following photographers’ many and detailed directions. She created this fun, secure, relaxed space between us that eventually, I started stopping from our walk and asking for her to take my picture 😊.

WoS: What was the narrative coaching experience like?

Marina: The way she joined the storytelling with coaching and photography is unique. She made me feel special, beautiful, and empowered. I was happy, peaceful, and loving for days to come. When I reached the end of the park we met in, I felt it was the right moment and place to write myself a letter (Daria told me from the beginning to let her know when and if I feel this). I chose a nice piece of paper with envelope, and a fountain pen to write with. In the meantime, based on our discussions, Daria created my mantra from the day.

After the coaching and photography experience

WoS: How did the photography experience end?

Marina: We talked more over pizza and beer where she showed me the pictures taken and I chose the ones to be edited and printed. Needless to say, there were plenty of pictures that I liked.

Marina: The entire experience was magical. The pictures show how happy, lucky, comfortable, and appropriate I felt that day. Anytime I need a boost, the pictures, the letter, and the mantra channel the memories of that day and the feelings I had. Thank you, Weaver of Stories! See you again soon.

Client Focus: Marina's Visual Storytelling Experience

The Verdict: Unique, Mindful, Professional

Mindful and professional = I felt that Daria was 100% with me. She connected with me. She understood my needs and responded in line with them. I felt like the entire day was reserved for me. We were moving, talking, taking pictures, writing, in my pace, not based on a pre-defined schedule. This gave me confidence in her skills – she knows her job and knows there is no reason to hurry anything, things will just happen.

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