Bespoke Storytelling Introductory Session

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Thank you for your interest in my bespoke storytelling service. I look forward to meeting you really soon during our bespoke storytelling introductory session.

Book a Bespoke Storytelling Introductory Session now and in 2-3 weeks you might be reading your own bespoke story!

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Thank you for your interest in the Weaver’s Bespoke Storytelling Introductory Session.

What is a Bespoke Storytelling Introductory Session?

This 30-minute long live session is a time we both set aside to have a virtual coffee and chat about what it means to order a bespoke story and your expectations relating to it. During this time we set aside, we will both be able to decide whether or not we want to work with each other.

Our appointment lasts 30 minutes. In case we need more time we might extend it for about 10 minutes more. In rare cases, we can even schedule another appointment.

An introductory session is not an order for a bespoke story. You do not commit to anything when you book one, and if you decide this is not for you, you will have no other financial commitments.

After our live session, if you decide to order a bespoke story, you can do so then.

The Weaver’s commitment to you during the live session:

1. Offering you her full attention

The Weaver of Stories is always excited to chat about storytelling. She is committed to show up and offer her full attention to you for the entire duration of the appointment.

2. Showing up prepared

She will be answering any questions you have about this service, offering examples and generally being available to chat about her craft and services.

Your commitment to the Weaver during the live session:

1. Showing up (on time)

Please make a commitment to be on time and offer our discussion your full attention.

We are all human and life happens. If you find out in advance that you will not be able to make it to your appointment, you can reschedule your appointment once free of charge. In case you do not participate and haven’t rescheduled, you will need to re-book. We reserve the right to reject those who have cancelled a meeting several times.

In case you are late to the meeting, your live session will take place in the remaining time.

2. Communicating clearly

The Weaver is committed to writing a story that makes you happy.

In order to achieve this, you need to communicate your wishes clearly. Please make sure you take the time to think about your preferences or expectations and inform the Weaver of them.

Bespoke Storytelling Introductory Session availability:

The Weaver of Stories strives to be accessible and accommodate most time zones.

In case no time slot you find available is convenient to you, contact us and together we will find a time that works for all parties involved.

What happens once you order a Bespoke Storytelling Introductory Session?

1. Book a live session

After completing your purchase, you’ll get a link to book a live session (30 minutes long) with the Weaver of Stories.

Appointments are always open for the following two weeks. We recommend you book yours as soon as you order. However, if you do not have time in the following two weeks, you can still book an appointment at any time within two months after you’ve placed your order.

If you haven’t booked your appointment until then, it will no longer be possible to do so. Please contact the Weaver of Stories if you are still interested in ordering a bespoke story.

In case the Weaver’s availability does not coincide with the times you are free, please contact the Weaver of Stories to discuss your availability.

2. Fill in the Weaver’s Questionnaire (optional, but recommended)

Aside from the link to book a live session, you’ll also get access to the Weaver’s questionnaire. Completing the questionnaire is optional, but warmly recommended.

Any specifications you share in the questionnaire will help me tailor my ideas to your preferences. In this way, I can ensure you have a better experience during our live session.

The questions are intended as a guide to help you think about useful information you might want to share about the story you envision. Don’t take them too seriously, but keep in mind that any details can help me craft a more compelling story. Your answers will be my starting point when I craft the story outlines that I will present to you during our live call.

Feel free to add any information you find relevant to the story you envision. Don’t worry – you can always email me or tell me during our live session if you forget anything.

3. The live session

During our Bespoke Storytelling Introductory Session, we can chat about what a bespoke story is, clarify anything you don’t feel is clear.

Additionally, if you have completed the questionnaire, the Weaver will present to you 2 ideas she will have come up with based on your answers to the questionnaire. In case you did not complete the questionnaire, you will go though it together. Then you will get a proposal of two ideas the Weaver will come up with for you.

You can choose one of these ideas, or we can find elements that you like and create a story outline from scratch.

What’s important is that you’re happy with the outline we decide on.

At this point, you might decide that a bespoke story is not the right option for you. If this is the case, you will have nothing owing.

4. Final step

Once we settle on an outline and any other relevant details (like whether you’d like your story to be delivered digitally or in print), you will receive an invoice for the amount due. After paying that invoice you’ll have secured the Weaver’s commitment to write a story by the deadline you agree on during your live session.

After the payment is cleared, the Weaver will begin working on your bespoke story and deliver it by the due date we agreed on during your live session.

If you like, you can email us and ask for updates on how the story is progressing.

That’s it! Enjoy your new reading material!

You will receive your bespoke story by or before the agreed deadline.

Bespoke Stories Pricing

The Weaver of Stories believes in being transparent about prices. In the case of bespoke stories, the price depends on how long you want your story to be and what type of edition you want (digital vs. print). You can check out the store for current prices.

The Simple Digital Edition is the default edition. Here is how long some typical stories are:

  1. Bespoke Message (500 – 700 words)
  2. Bespoke Flash Fiction (1,000 – 1,500 words)
  3. Bespoke Short Story (2,000 – 2,500 words)
  4. Bespoke Branching Story with Multiple Endings (3,000 – 5,000 words), please contact the Weaver for availability.

Branching stories with multiple endings usually are significantly longer and require more planning. Therefore, if you are interested in ordering one, please contact the Weaver for availability.

Here is a story of the same approximate length as the first option, the Bespoke Message: Gifting a Bespoke Christmas Story. It describes the process of ordering a bespoke story, so it will give you a rough idea of both the length of this story, as well as an overview of the process.

Book a Bespoke Storytelling Introductory Session now and in 2-3 weeks you might be reading your own bespoke story!

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