The Hero’s Path

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Quest Goal: emerge as your authentic self.

Quest Giver: the Weaver of Stories.

This is the ultimate adventure for those seeking a profound and lasting transformation.

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The Hero’s Path (15 sessions):

Embark on the ultimate journey of self-discovery with The Hero’s Path, a 15-session coaching package that will challenge you to tap into your inner hero.

In 15 sessions, the Weaver of Stories will guide you through the stages of the hero’s journey, using the power of storytelling to unlock your potential and achieve your dreams.

Guided by the Weaver, you’ll dig deep into your personal narrative. You will uncover hidden strengths and overcome obstacles, emerging as the hero of your own life story.


Duration: 15 weekly sessions each lasting 50 minutes.



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The Hero's Path Coaching with the Weaver of StoriesThe Hero’s Path
CHF 2'500.00

Availability: 5 in stock

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