Gift a bespoke story this Valentine’s Day

Gift a bespoke story this Valentine’s Day

Experience the Magic of a Bespoke Story: The Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day

Do you ever wish for a magic wand so you can call into being the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, one that your partner will just love?

When you browse for Valentine’s Day gifts, it’s easy to get lost into a pink vortex of fluffiness that has no meaning or personality. It’s hard to find something that’s not cliché, never mind something suitable to your partner’s tastes.

And finding an original idea that your significant other might like and that you haven’t used yet? That’s even more difficult.

If only there was an option that allowed you to completely customize your gift, without requiring tons of time on your part…

A bespoke service that gives life to your ideas, shaping them into a wonderful experience.

Your own story, in print

Imagine yourself and your significant other sitting together, reading a story meant to celebrate your love.

Perhaps your story pays tribute to the moment you met or a special memory. It might even help set the mood so you can propose! It could be about the person you love and the powerful impact they’ve had on your life.

No matter what moment you choose to celebrate, it’s a story that deserves to be told and cherished.

Celebrate your love: gift a bespoke story this Valentine’s Day

Every special moment in your life together is worth treasuring. A bespoke story celebrating such a moment becomes a memento of the joy you shared.

Such a special reminder of the amazing times you’ve had together is a great way to anchor your thoughts to happy memories you made together. You will then be reminded of happy moments every time you see it.

With help from Weaver of Stories, you can gift a bespoke story this Valentine’s Day.

You really can offer an authentic gift to your significant other

A great Valentine’s Day gift isn’t about the price tag on the perfume bottle or how fresh those flowers were. It’s about showing you cherish your relationship and time together. It’s an experience.

You can offer an amazing gift without spending tons of time preparing and browsing.

All you have to do is pick an idea. It can be a beautiful memory that you share, or something you want to celebrate.

It’s easy to pick such an idea when you have the right guidance. The Weaver of Stories will help you pick the perfect memory or topic with a few thoughtful questions and a gentle guiding hand. You will receive the questions in advance, so you can better prepare for your live consultation with the Weaver of Stories. It won’t be time-consuming, and you can make all the relevant decisions on the spot.

Then you can relax knowing you will stand out with a thoughtful, authentic gift based on your story.

The secret to an unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift

The world is full of timeless stories that we enjoy time and again, and many of them are about love. Your own love story is just as worthy of being celebrated. Why not gift a story this Valentine’s Day that tells your own unique love story?

Can you picture having a written account of the special moments that make up your journey together as a couple? Or perhaps a story that celebrates the days that are yet to come?

You can now offer your other half a short story written specifically for them.

Unforgettable Valentine’s Day Stories

Looking for a unique and heartfelt gift for your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Look no further than my bespoke storytelling service!

I can write a romantic, cheerful or playful story or holiday message for your partner or crush to enjoy this Valentine’s Day. I specialize in crafting personalized stories that capture the special moments and memories of your relationship. Whether it’s a story about your first date, a romantic vacation, or a milestone anniversary, I will create a one-of-a-kind story that your partner will treasure forever.

You pick the topic and tell me what you want to convey through the story. In turn, I promise to craft the best story I can for you and your intended recipient to enjoy.

All of my stories are written from scratch based on the information you provide. I work closely with you to ensure that the final story reflects your authentic feelings.

Here are a few examples of the types of stories I can craft:

  • A romantic tale about how you first met and fell in love
  • A story about a special vacation
  • A retelling of your proposal or wedding day
  • A story about overcoming an obstacle together and strengthening your relationship

I can also customize your story further, for example by adding photographs or including a specific theme or message.

Features of Bespoke Stories

I offer certain features for all my bespoke stories, no matter how short:

  1. A Live Session with me where you can tell me more about your wishes.
  2. Guided ideation, including a questionnaire you can fill in before our live session to help you clarify your wishes for the bespoke story.
  3. Two different outlines I will craft based on your vision for the story.
  4. One review is always included. In this way I can make sure to make any final tweaks to your story that will make it truly personalized.
  5. A digital edition with custom cover is included.

What you can order as extras, provided our timeline allows me to craft these for you:

  • Handwritten digital edition
  • Handwritten manuscript on loose sheets of paper
  • Handwritten manuscript written in a handbound notebook crafted by the Weaver
  • Signed quote from your story that you can frame
  • Personal mantra based on your story
    • *All handwritten items shall be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, except for those delivered as digital editions.

How to gift a bespoke story this Valentine’s Day

The first step is to order a live session.

This will secure the Weaver’s commitment to write for you should you choose to order a story. You will have no other financial commitments when you book the live session. The price of the live session is non-refundable, but it will count as a deposit for your story if you choose to order one.

You will then be able to book your live session and also receive a link to the Weaver’s questionnaire. Filling in the questionnaire is optional, but recommended. This is where you can clarify your ideas and better prepare for your live meeting with the Weaver of Stories.

During the live session, you will discuss your wishes and be presented with two possible outlines for your story. You can choose one of these or have the Weaver alter one until you are happy with it. You can also opt for any of the packages described below, as well as any extras available.

Don’t settle for a generic gift this Valentine’s Day. Give the gift of a unique and personalized story that you and your partner will treasure for years to come.

When to order if you want to gift a bespoke story this Valentine’s day:

The Weaver has opened bookings for this service until February 3rd. However, bookings will be closed as soon as the Weaver is fully booked in order to ensure all commissions are delivered by Valentine’s Day.

Order a bespoke story now and get it by Valentine’s Day!

What will your bespoke story look like and what are the costs?

Pricing starts at 99$ for bespoke stories. You can find a detailed description of each bespoke story option and its pricing below.



500 – 700 words

Guided Ideation

Live Session

2 different outlines

1 review

Digital edition

Custom cover

Handwritten manuscript + 50$ excl. post



1000 – 1500 words

Guided Ideation

Live Session

2 different outlines

1 review

Digital edition

Custom cover

Handwritten manuscript + 70$ excl. post



2000 – 2500 words

Guided Ideation

Live Session

2 different outlines

1 review

Digital edition

Custom cover

Handwritten manuscript + 110$ excl. post

Take the first step: book a live session with the Weaver of Stories, for free.

During the live session, we will decide if we want to work together.

We will discuss your expectations and define the outline.

You’ll also choose how you want the story delivered (digitally, printed or handwritten).

Gift a story this Valentine’s Day and surprise your partner with an authentic, meaningful and one-of-a-kind gift!

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