How to Commission a Bespoke Story

If you’re wondering how to commission a bespoke story, you’re in the right place. This is a detailed guide on the entire process, from beginning to end.

1. Secure your bespoke story: book a free live session

This journey starts with an introductory consultation.

To order a bespoke story, you first need to book a free live session (30 minutes long) with the Weaver of Stories.

The Weaver wants to offer you the opportunity to get to know more about her working process before you commit to ordering a bespoke story from her.

In this way, you both make sure you’re comfortable working together and that any potential hiccups, like timing, are addressed before you commit too many resources.

2. Fill in the Weaver’s Questionnaire (optional, but recommended)

Once you book the free live session, you’ll also get access to the Weaver’s questionnaire. Completing the questionnaire is optional but very much recommended.

This is where you can tell her more about the story you envision.

The questions are intended as a guide to help you think about useful information you might want to share with the Weaver. Don’t take them too seriously, but keep in mind that any details can help the Weaver craft a more compelling story.

The Weaver of Stories will create outlines for your story before the live session. Any specifications you share in the questionnaire will help her tailor her ideas to your preferences. In this way, she ensures you have a better experience during the live session.

Feel free to add any information you find relevant to the story you envision. Don’t worry – in case you forget anything, you can always email the Weaver or tell her during the live session.

3. The live session: have a virtual coffee with the Weaver

During the live session, you’ll have a virtual coffee and chat about your expectations relating to your bespoke story.

The Weaver of Stories tries to accommodate most time zones. In case no time slot you find available is convenient to you, email her with your availability. She will do her best to find a time that works for both of you.

In this session, the Weaver will present you with two outline options (if you have completed the questionnaire) that she will have crafted based on your specifications. You can choose one of these options or ask her to refine one of them to better suit your vision.

What’s important is that you’re happy with the outline you choose.

4. Complete your order for a bespoke story.

You will choose one outline and any other relevant details (like whether you’d like your story to be delivered digitally or in print). Then, you will receive an invoice for the rest of the amount due. After paying that invoice you’ll have secured the Weaver’s commitment to write you a story by or before the deadline set during the live session. All these details will be part of a contract which will enforce them.

If you like, you can email the Weaver and ask for updates on how the story is progressing.

5. Finally, enjoy your new reading material!

You’ll get your bespoke story delivered by or before the agreed deadline.

Weaver of Stories How to Commission a Bespoke Story

We hope you’ve enjoyed this succinct guide on how to commission a bespoke story. If you have any questions, you’re always welcome to contact us.

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