Free Coaching Hacks

Fun, easy to follow, free coaching exercises formulated as quests!

Through free coaching, explore your life story and find your truth.

Every week, you’ll receive a short personal quest to help you clarify your personal story.

Free coaching exercises delivered weekly.

Join the Weaver’s community of adventurers and get your next quest delivered straight to your inbox.

Life doesn’t have to be an endless stream of boring days that blend into each other.

Come questing with the Weaver of stories!

You’ll find the dragons that lurk around in your life and get the tools to tame them.

Through the Weaver’s easy and free coaching exercises, you too can change your life.

Each quest has clear instructions and includes a walkthrough.

Who is the Weaver of Stories?

The Weaver of Stories serves as your guide through the intricate world of narratives.

Through one-on-one coaching, group workshops, or bespoke storytelling services, the Weaver of Stories aims, above all, to help individuals explore their own unique stories.

Learn more about the Weaver of Stories here.

Previous quests include:

  • Crafting a personal mantra
  • Ways to cope with perfectionism
  • Identifying limiting beliefs
  • Reframing limiting beliefs
  • How to set goals you are excited to work towards every day
  • …and many more!
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