The Weaver of Stories serves as your guide through the intricate world of narratives. Holding threads of stories in her hands, she weaves them together to reveal unexpected patterns and shift perspectives through her work as a photographer, writer, and coach.

Through her art and bespoke storytelling services, the Weaver of Stories aims, above all, to help individuals explore their own unique stories. Furthermore, in this way, she hopes to set them on a path of self-discovery and growth.

The Weaver also works with brands to explore the untapped potential of their narratives and elevate their content into an immersive storytelling experience. Additionally, she offers narrative design services for video game producers and developers.

Join the Weaver’s band of adventurers! Explore a world where everyone has the opportunity to tell their own story, where diverse voices and perspectives are celebrated and valued.

Who is the Weaver of Stories?

The Weaver is one of the many stories that intertwine to make up our founder, Daria. She is a passionate storyteller and a specialist in comparative literature. Moreover, she thinks stories connect people across time and space, and wishes to help create these connections.

Having spent years honing her skills and developing a unique voice, she now wants to explore new ways of sharing stories in today’s digital age.

Meet Daria

I am the Weaver of Stories. I live in the middle of stories, in the threads of plots, making worlds whose very fabric I spin out of words and phrases.

Seeking the threads of our stories, I weave them to reveal the beautiful, complex model that each of our lives reflect.

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How it all began…

There was once a little girl who loved stories. She asked her grandma to read to her every night before bed, and often throughout the day, too.

One day the little girl noticed that grandma used a pen and paper to write a grocery list for grandpa, and he could read the items on the list afterwards. That’s how he knew what ingredients to buy for soup.

It was magical!

She immediately asked grandma for some paper and one of her blue ballpoint pens and she started to write a story. She drew curly lines on her paper, willing the words in her mind to be conveyed by her squiggles. Once finished, she went to grandma and proudly recited to her the story she had written. Grandma liked the story, but said she should wait until she started school before she began her writing career.

A few days passed and the little girl returned home to her parents. She couldn’t wait to read them the story she had written. But when they got home, and she took out her paper, something was very wrong.

The magic was gone, and she couldn’t recall what she had written on it anymore.

She asked Dad, who knew everything and fixed everything, to read it for her. But Dad shook his head and explained that the magic of writing was closely linked to the magic of reading, and they both required the knowledge of letters.

He offered to teach her the letters and she eagerly accepted. She didn’t want to lose another story ever again. And so, every evening, they sat together for a while and Dad showed her the shapes of letters and how to form them. Not long afterwards, she began to read to Dad or grandma at bedtime instead of listening to them read.

She’s never stopped reading since, nor writing, though she still thinks that first lost story is her finest work.

The magic is still there, on each piece of paper, and I’ll forever be grateful to grandma’s grocery lists for giving me the opportunity to learn that we can use magical signs and symbols to share stories.

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