The Weaver of Stories Legendary Narratives for Video Games

Legendary Narratives for Video Games

The Weaver of Stories believes a well-crafted story is essential in making a game truly immersive and engaging for players. She offers a variety of writing services for video games developers of all sizes, from indie to AAA.

Whether it’s building a universe from scratch, taking existing characters on their next adventure, or helping you out of a sticky plot situation, the Weaver will always offer you her full attention and best work.


From Concept…

  • Narrative Design. Helping you design the overall narrative structure of your game, including characters, plot, pacing, and player choice.
  • Worldbuilding. Creating a rich and believable game world, including its history, culture, and politics.
  • Game Bible Creation. Developing a comprehensive guide for the game world, characters, and plot.
  • Narrative-Focused Level Design. Creating a relevant narrative and atmosphere for different levels and areas in the game.
  • Story Consultation. For those moments when you need guidance on how to take your story to the next level, the Weaver offers consultation services to help you achieve your vision for your game.
  • Narrative Audit. Working with game designers and developers to ensure that the game’s mechanics and story are cohesive and well-integrated.
Weaver of Stories Weaving Words that Convert

…to Development…

  • Script Writing. Whether it’s for a single level or the entire game, the Weaver will craft a compelling script that brings your game’s story to life. She’ll ensure that the script fits the style of your game, and furthermore that it aligns with the Game Bible. The Weaver specializes in writing for various genres, including action, adventure, fantasy, romance, and more.
  • Dialogue Writing. The Weaver excels at crafting engaging and believable dialogue that feels true to the characters and the game world. She’ll make sure that the dialogue is both entertaining and informative, and that it helps drive the story forward.
  • Quest Design. The Weaver can help design and write in-game quests that are both challenging and rewarding for players and that fit in with the overall story and game mechanics.
  • Cut Scene Scripting. Writing and scripting cut scenes to further advance the game’s story and plot.
  • Character Backstory Creation. Developing detailed and compelling backstories for characters in the game.
  • Game Journal and Collectibles Writing. Writing in-game journals, notes, and other collectibles to enhance the game’s story and immersion.
The Weaver of Stories Quest Marker

…to Finishing Touches:

  • Game Localization. The Weaver and her team can help adapt your game’s story and dialogue for different languages and cultures. Our team has experience working with a wide range of languages and can ensure that your game’s story is engaging for many players from around the world.
  • Game Trailer Scripting. Writing scripts for game trailers to be used for marketing and promotion (see the Weaver’s storytelling services for brands for more marketing services).
  • Guiding Players. Writing a player’s guide or walk-through, creating strategy guides, user manuals and tutorials to help players understand the game’s mechanics and story.

Pricing for the Weaver’s writing services for video games varies depending on the specific project and scope of work. We’re happy to provide a custom quote based on your specific needs.

Don’t settle for a mediocre story in your game. Create a truly memorable and engaging experience for your players using the Weaver’s writing services for video games.

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