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Are you an avid reader? And would you like to have a personalized memento you can cherish for the rest of your life? A story that reflects who you are and what path you have chosen?

In that case, a bespoke story might be just what you are looking for.

You might even consider gifting a story to your loved ones.

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How can a bespoke story change your life?

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A bespoke story is a piece of art inspired by you.

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Imagine yourself sitting comfortably in your favorite reading nook. You’re holding your e-book reader, but you’re not reading a novel. You are looking at an original piece of fiction that was inspired by you.

Your bespoke story can become a precious memento of the unique experience of allowing an artist to find inspiration in your authentic self.

Limited Edition Bespoke Stories:

The Weaver carefully selects a special topic to explore in a limited number of bespoke stories which then get published in a collection. Please see the current topic below:

Special: Align with Your Purpose

Work with the Weaver and clarify a meaningful goal of yours in the form of a bespoke story or personal mantra that aligns with your purpose.

A photo of stationery, including a nib pen and a card with the message "I am curious about the future", photo by the Weaver of Stories.


How to Commission a Bespoke Story – A Succinct Guide

What if we don’t resonate or you don’t want a bespoke story after all?

During your live session, if, for whatever reason, you feel that perhaps this is not the right fit, just let the Weaver know. You will have no financial commitments if you decide not to order a story.

What is a bespoke story anyway?

A bespoke story is an original story that the Weaver of Stories will write after interviewing you.

It is not a fill-in-the-blanks type of story where she just changes the names of the characters and hands it over to you.

What happens if you want some changes made to a bespoke story written by the Weaver?

Handing in stories to clients and receiving their first feedback is something the Weaver looks forward to while writing commissions.

Based on this feedback she sometimes makes changes to suit your preferences. The Weaver’s bespoke stories are intended to bring joy to their reader, so she takes great care to find out what you envision and to bring it to life in her writing.

You’ll always have one review session included, because she always wants to add those final touches that ensure you have a great experience. You can also commission extra changes, in case, for instance, circumstances have changed over time.

For example, the Weaver once made some changes to a story to include a second baby. It had been written as a gift to someone who had just found out she was expecting. A couple of months later, she was asked to adapt the story. It turned out they were having twins!

What are the costs?

Prices start at 99 CHF and vary based on complexity and length. You’ll get an exact offer based on what kind of story you want during your free live consultation. If you choose to order a bespoke story, we’ll sign a contract that clearly establishes the conditions of this service.

What will your bespoke story look like?

You can choose from a range of digital, print, and even handwritten editions.

For instance, the Weaver offers handwritten digital editions, and sometimes even handwritten or printed hand bound editions. It’s also possible to get your story as an audiobook.

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