Transform Your Life with Narrative Coaching

Did you know that narrative coaching can clarify your life path in a safe and supportive environment?

The Weaver of Stories is on a mission to help people reconnect with themselves and find joy in everyday life. Using storytelling and coaching techniques, the Weaver will help you uncover your true personal story.

Transform your life with narrative coaching

Storytelling is part of our lives, from the beginning

We are all walking stories. We live them, we communicate through them, we use stories to learn about the world and ourselves.

My mission is to help all of us notice that we are the main characters in our own life stories, meaning that we can take full responsibility for our own lives and actively and intentionally do our best to achieve our purpose.

I am here to gently nudge us all (myself included) back towards our goals and passions.

I am here to foster a more positive dialogue with ourselves, to lend my support, to empower through empathy and through re-framing the stories we tell ourselves into positive celebrations of who we are and who we have yet to become.

We all live inside our own realities, shaped by the stories we tell ourselves and by other stories, which society tells us.

Sometimes this narrative lends us power and motivates us to persevere in difficult times, other times our own beliefs limit us and become obstacles we need to challenge on our way to achieving our purpose.

Clarify Your Story with Narrative Coaching

Narrative Coaching is meant to clarify your personal story. It helps you focus on your life purpose and center your personal narrative around it.

A personal story means a coherent and realistic representation of your path through life so far.

We all have personal stories, whether we are aware of them or not. They are ways in which we organize our memories in order to create a representation that is meaningful to us.

Certain memories and experiences may take center stage, while others may not be so present in our representation. This is normal, because we couldn’t possibly tell our complete life story to anyone, articulating it would take longer than actually living it. Moreover, our memories are imperfect anyway.

Sometimes we are not aware of our personal stories, and we don’t consciously think about them. Narrative Coaching allows us to explore and take control of our own narrative. To tell our personal stories from our point of view, in a way that supports our goals and next steps.

Be the Hero of your own life story

When we tell our own life stories we are usually adopting the first person point of view. This means that we are effectively the main character, which is something not everyone is comfortable with. However, if we think about this, it makes sense, since our own perspective is the only one we have access to.

It’s important to understand what being the hero in our own life stories means. Being the main character should not be interpreted as a justification for or encouragement to self-centered behavior. Instead, it’s an invitation to take full responsibility for one’s actions.

This means recognizing that we have full agency in our lives, and evaluating any advice we receive before we decide to act on it. While we may ask for and occasionally even receive unsolicited advice, we filter it. We don’t get to blame others for our actions, because we don’t act on other people

Use narrative coaching to identify and reframe cognitive distortions

Another problem is that sometimes we fall prey to cognitive distortions. In other words, our perspective becomes distorted and that can affect our choices.

Storytelling is especially effective in re-framing cognitive distortions. This is because cognitive distortions also take the form of stories, and storytelling offers us the tools to analyze and eventually change them.

Narrative Coaching keeps you focused on your purpose

By clarifying your personal story, Narrative Coaching allows us to concentrate on our purpose.

You may not be able to tell me your own life purpose instantly, but I am willing to bet that you can tell me what is the purpose of various characters from stories you are familiar with.

That’s how stories work, they don’t allow their heroes to lose track of their purpose. Sherlock Holmes is not allowed to stop and take a vacation in the middle of a case, or go and practice playing his violin. He only does that before or after solving a mystery, not when he is actively engaged in his investigations.

When was the last time you completed a really big milestone in a project before you jumped to another activity?

Want to try Narrative Coaching?

If you are interested in learning more about Narrative Coaching, then try my free 30-minute discovery calls. Simply schedule one and I will answer any questions you have about how narrative coaching and how it can help you.

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